2014-04-25 Laiki peppers

This blog contains the observations, speculations, and adventures of an expat living in the Athens, Greece area.  Greek society, politics, language, and culture are addressed, as well as the trials and joys of expat life in Greece. I would love to hear your comments.



  1. Hi Tom,

    A blast from the past here: Your old Loyola bball teammate Peter Graham checking in to say hello. Tom Cushing sent me the link to your blog here, which I’ve been drilling down the last few days and enjoying very much. Fine writing. Thoughtful analysis. Great photos. Makes me want spend some time in Greece! My wife and I are professors at DePauw University (English) and during a sabbatical year in Italy we visited Turkey for a couple weeks in the spring of 2014, which we found wonderful. We also took a day trip over to Kos and loved it. In a previous sabbatical year, we went to Oaxaca, and several years before that my wife Lili and I met in San Miguel de Allende. Nice surprise to learn from Cush that you’ve spent some time in Guanajuato, too!

    Please send me your email address when you get a moment. Would like to write a longer letter to you, plus share some observations I had of the Rocket’s retirement party (which I sent to Cush and Robby Berner). Think you might get a laugh.

    My email: pgraham@depauw.edu

    Hope to hear from you sometime, Tom. It sounds like you’ve had–and continue to have–a very interesting life. Keep on doing that good thing.



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