Oxi! Day


October 28, 2014

Oxi Day  2

We don’t have a Thanksgiving here, but we did have another big holiday recently—Oxi Day—which commemorates the proud moment in 1940 when the Greek government said “F You” to Mussolini when he inquired as to whether they wouldn’t mind terribly if he occupied their country.

Our village celebrates the day in the usual way of such holidays around the world—with speeches and parades and marching bands. On our way to the parade, I purchased a small Greek flag from one of a number of enterprising young Bangladeshis who were doing a thriving business in Greek patriotic products, cotton candy, and roasted corn. I had Helena take a picture of me holding the flag, thinking that I might attach it to my residency application as proof of my whole-hearted dedication to my adopted country.

Oxi Day 3


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