Restore the Elgin Marbles!

What was on the front page of the New York Times recently: The wonderful restoration of the Caryatid statues in the Acropolis museum, one of which is notably absent, having been stolen from the country along with hundreds of other valuable marble pieces by Lord Elgin in the 19th century.

2014-12-28 15.51.33


The famous Caryatids in the Acropolis Museum: a blank space is left for the one that is held at the British Museum


What the British government tells the Greek government every time the latter suggests it’s time for these pieces to be returned to their homeland: Bugger off. Lord Elgin stole them fair and square.

What George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Bill Murray told the British government at a demonstration in London recently: Restore the Elgin Marbles!

What Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: “Somebody needs to restore George Clooney’s marbles.”


2014-12-28 15.56.14


Detail from Caryatid statue


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